We're a user choice respecting group of people. We respect privacy (this is way much different from those other monopolies). We're currently are working on Viddla, Store, My Account, Socially and codename: ChatLab.

User choice - not being forced into upgrading operating system, doing strange things in the background, over complicating things. We're Just being fair, and not going the apple (food) way of lying to their users... We'll have an article on that, with examples, and more on this new fancy blog!

What can you do with Viddla?

With Viddla (codename: LittVid), you can watch content hosted or listed on the site, and as an extra, you can watch YouTube videos too! You can upload video content to Viddla, during first few minutes, video will be accessible in the original quality, then once transcoding is done, or depending on permissions, ranks, or other status, video quality might get worse. (We're a startup, not a monopoly)

What is Store?

Store (codename: Stepickilla) - is a new cross-platform app and game store or a shop. You can use it on your PC (Windows and Linux, for now), Android, and Linux powered smartphones (e.g. Running KDE Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch, the OS not being initially Android like Purism Librem 5)

The difference with this Store, is that if you're unhappy or want to delete account. You could export keys to specific or all games in your library, and if you decided to come back, you wouldn't loose something for the most part, OR if it will be possible, you could instead transfer to another service or platform, if it participates in program/partnership or via Game Publisher/Developer.

What is bads.tm account or my bads.tm?

With bads.tm account, when you link our or any other platforms or services, you will be able to get extras. For example: Having bads.tm premium membership for $1/month, you can get Viddla BFF membership, and higher video quality, and on other service, for example Socially, you'll have +10 accounts which you can link and do crossposting later, on Store - Free games or discounts, and on ChatLab other cool perks. Also with bads.tm account, it will be easier to maintain account, keeping up with subscriptions, maintaining apps, etc... And also, being a quicker, easier, login, and that's after all, one less password needed to remember per every app.

Where is funding coming from?

Personal funds, donations, and ads (except from YouTube). And also being efficient with money spending, not using costly hosting companies and unnecessary services, and just overall - not going the LAZY way, really helps a lot!

We're working on transparency page, so you'll know how much is spent, on what, and how profitable* we are.

*We still can have right to hide it, for security and safety reasons.