Hello there!

As 2019 is about to end, here's quick stats and updates: Viddla Technology:

Development started in 2018, but though all this time we've been making site more efficient and more future proof (so we don't need to do a rewrite)

Many, many, many times rewritten. Just to make sure it's easy to work with, expandable, efficient. Thanks to July 4th experiment (primarily aimed at testing what's been built, and video uploader and processing infra) Many new bugs, video processing errors, and lack of optimization to few particular features were discovered Infrastructure: During the time after the closure of July 4th version We have found a much better server provider, with easier, quicker expansion, at MUCH lower costs. (And yes was overpaid for a underused service), but it shows, you really need to put effort and research everything you can, while you can. (btw we still have free AWS, Azure, GCloud, and even Linode)

As 2020 now goes, Viddla is currently becoming a much more optimized, stable, easy to work with platform. Clean on frontend, backend, database. Easy to deploy, cheap to host and maintain. We're also considering to make it open source-ish (-ish because bad people exist, backspaceware is the biggest favorite problem for everyone) but we feel it's likely going to be after a specific milestone (users/funds/demand/etc). What we have right now, is many times better than those other "open source" kid tubes (MediaVibe, Vanillo, Clipbucket, YouPHPTube, even PlayTube). We're also looking forward decentralization (as in ability to access content from other instances, similar to Mastodon, Pixelfed)

Anyways, Thank you for your incredible support, gotta go back to work,

❤ Team Viddla